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Craig Weaver
Professor (2007 – 2010)
UC Riverside (UCR)
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BUS 165B
Pros: +passionate professor.

+fun environment.

+gets good reviews for his personality and nice factor.

+offers office hours in the afternoon and in the evening after 8pm

+curves overall course grade instead of individual items.
Cons: -lectures are really unorganized on the chalk board even though there was a functionally projection for powerpoint. difficult to follow. your notes end up going back and forth with many arrows.

-quizzes were given but never collected so everybody got full credit whether they showed up regularly for class or not

-everybody also got full points for participation whether they attended lecture or not, or whether they were quiet the entire the quarter or not.

-takes forever to upload grades to the gradebook. 1st hw assignment was handed back after first midterm but scores were not reflected on ilearn. midterm scores and hw scores only appeared on week 10 before finals week.

-cancelled too many lectures to the point that there had to be a rescheduled class session to cram the last two chapters right before finals (half the class didn't make it because the time slot coincided with our regularly scheduled courses)
the quarter was a mess and nearly everybody was lost by the end of it. final exam average was a 57% or something like that ( so i think it was a 8%-10% overall curve up for most people)
Professor rated by: Business Administration Student on June 24, 2015
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