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Kyriacos Nicolaou
Professor (2009 – 2010)
UC San Diego (UCSD)
Chemistry and Biochemistry
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CHEM 151
Molecules That Changed World
Pros: Great class. We always got out early. the material is covered in a very manageable way, so if you keep up, you will get an A
Cons: You need to bring to book to lecture. His slides are pages from the book and it's easiest to just take notes in the book. The book is heavy =/ He also isn't the best lecturer. You need to keep with the material. Cramming is not good for this class.
Take this class. It is a great class if you don't mind bringing the book everyday. He provides all of his old tests, which is good, but its something new every time. You need to go to lecture- he covers certain parts of certain chapters and not others. There are TONS of structures and mechanisms in the book and you need to go to lectures to know which ones he covers. He doesn't cover everything.
Professor rated by: Biology/Animal Physiol&Neurosc Student on April 28, 2011
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CHEM 151
Molecules That Changed World
Pros: straight forward midterm and final
Cons: an all-memorizing class
It is sometimes difficult to pay attention to Dr. Nicolaou during class due to his Greek accent, however, he simply goes over EVERY single page of the textbook so reading the textbook is highly recommended to get an A in this class. Bottom line - if you are comfortable memorizing structures and facts about history then you should be fine.
Professor rated by: Biology/Molec Biol, Microbiol Student on April 29, 2011
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