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Teruo Morishige
Professor (2008 – 2012)
Central Okalhoma (UCO)
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PHY 1024
University Physical Sci w/Lab
Pros: You can not fail his class. I had his lecture class which was quite entertaining, any student at UCO will tell you to take him because you can NOT fail his class. The lowest grade you can make is a C. And it's pretty easy I always leave class ten minutes early just because he goes over the same stuff over and over again. He also has a funny voice and personality that will make you laugh.
Cons: Sometimes his lectures can put you to sleep but do your best to show up to take his notes because you will need them for your tests.
I don't know how the other physical science classes are but Morshigue has a large class designed like arena seating and almost no one dropped his class so it's full in there most of the time so I'm just saying if you aren't a big fan of large classes then don't take him.

Another thing is try and take that class with friends or try and get to know the people sitting around you very well because me and my friends would switch off I would take a day or two of missing his class a week and come back getting notes from my friends in class, I was pretty lucky and knew 10 of the students in class so I was always getting notes in there no matter how many days I missed I also noticed other groups of friends did the same in class.
Professor rated by: Mass Communication Student on April 4, 2011
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