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Dallas New
Professor (2008 – 2012)
Central Okalhoma (UCO)
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CHEM 3323
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CHEM 3323
Organic Chemistry II
Pros: He is a great professor for lecture. His class lectures pretty much consist of going over the reactions/synthesis that will be on his exams. He will ask you why you choose this or that to help with knowing about the synthesis most of the time.
Cons: His exams sometimes have too much material for the allowed time to take the exams.
Hes a fun goofy professor. I have him for Org. Chem II lab and had him for Org. Chem I lecture (this class was online so I didn't have him in class per-say teaching me). He requires tutoring sessions to help you further succeed. You can tell he wants you to pass, but it's nothing new to him if you don't. 50% of the class makes a C or higher (I've been in the B range every exam), but the other 50% fail every exam. This is due to the course itself though not the professor.
Professor rated by: Student on November 8, 2012
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