ASTR 1120 - General Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies at University of Colorado


Examines principles of modern astronomy for nonscience majors, summarizing our present knowledge about the Sun, stars, neutron stars, black holes, interstellar gas, galaxies, quasars, and the structure and origins of the universe. Offers opportunities to attend nighttime observation sessions at Sommers-Bausch Observatory and Fiske Planetarium. Similar to ASTR 1020, without sequence link to ASTR 1010. Also similar to ASTR 1040. ASTR 1110 and 1120 can be taken in either order. Students may receive credit for only one of ASTR 1120, 1020, or 1040. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: natural science. SIMILAR TO ASTR 1020, 1040.

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ASTR 1120 - General Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
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