BCOR 2400 - Fundamentals of Marketing at University of Colorado


Examines how activities in organizations provide value to the purchasers of its products and services. Includes gathering information about consumers and competitors through research and information systems, applying knowledge and technology to the design of products and services, communicating information to consumers and organizational units, and pricing and distributing products and services. Also includes issues in global marketing, ethics and diversity, relationship marketing, and integrating marketing with financial analyses. Prereq., BCOR 1010, BCOR 1020. Coreq., second semester of ECON series. Restricted to sophomores/juniors/seniors, and 26 hours completed. Formerly BCOR 2050. PREREQ BCOR 1010, BCOR 1020. COREQ 2ND SEM ECON SERIES. RESTRICTED TO SOPHS/JRS/SRS (MIN 26 HRS). FORMERLY BCOR 2050.

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BCOR 2400 - Fundamentals of Marketing
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