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Juliette Bourdier
Professor (2009 – 2010)
Colorado (CU)
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FREN 1050
FREN 3700


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FREN 3700
French-American Cultural Differences
Pros: she cares

she answers emails within a minute

she listens

You learn

she'll do anything to help you

She corrects homework and quiz immediately

She is really fun

No big exam

She grades everything

Bonus points
Cons: she can be harsh

Lots of homework and quiz

she grades everything

I like her, at first I found her scary and didn't like her, when you get to know her... you realize that she is always on your side. I took 3 courses with her ... she kinda rocks but can kill you with a word (but won't mean it) She apologize when she makes a mistake
Professor rated by: Student on October 12, 2011
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