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HIST 3321
Pros: -Grade is largely based on discussions (might be good or bad depending on if you like that)

-Three tests which are fairly easy

-Attendance not required on non-discussion days
Cons: -Lectures are pretty useless

-Not the most interesting material

-Can be a bit passive-aggressive, especially with male students
This class was easy enough, but not very interesting to be honest. It's not mind-numbingly boring, but it's definitely not a class I was ever excited to go to. Your grade is heavily dependent on your participation in class discussion based on the readings. Basically, if you talk at least once in a discussion, you get full credit for the day. You can tell that she doesn't really care about teaching all that much since she does very little of it. She'll have lecture days where she gives background information about the texts you'll be reading, but she goes through her lectures so quickly that you don't even have time to process the information she's giving you. She definitely has a bias against male students which wasn't really a huge deal for me (I'm a guy), but it was definitely pretty annoying at times. You'll have to lead a discussion for one of the days and you'll also have to do an article analysis group project. Neither assignments are difficult, but you will have to spend some time in the library for the group project. All in all, the class was easy enough and Mattern isn't a terrible professor. 5/10 might recommend.
Professor rated by: Political Science Student on April 21, 2015
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