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Murray Levin
Professor (2005 – 2011)
Kansas (KU)
Business Law
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BLAW 301
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BLAW 301
Legal Aspects of Business
In BLAW 301 Levin will show you a graph at the beginning of the semester. This graph show's student knowledge throughout the semester rising steeply right before a test and dropping off immediately after. Levin doesn't want his class to work like this, so he stresses comprehension. My advice: show up to class and know your shit. To be prepared for Levin: -He has frequent quizzes so go to all of the classes. -do the assigned readings when they're assigned -come to discussion ready to take notes. You will go over his giant question list. Knowing the answer to all of the questions on this list will lead you to an A. -do any extra credit he gives you The up side: He drops the lowest of your three exams He is a tough teacher but he will make you smarter if you let him
Professor rated by: Marketing Student on January 4, 2010
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