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Architecture, Sustainability and the City: Ideas, Forces and People that have Shaped the Built Environment --- An introduction to the design of the build environment, society's largest investment and biggest consumer of energy, the course's focus will range from the room to the building to the city to the metropolis, including spaces and places that are consciously planned and intentionally designed, as well as ones that are vernacular and organic. In addition to the fundamentals, history, theory and practice of design and urban planning, case studies of buildings and cities of different periods and cultures will be presented to deepen the student's understanding of the environmental, economic, socioculture and aesthetic impacts of architecture and urbanism. Contemporary problems and opportunities in sustainable building and community design will be considered, including energy and water conservation, waste management and recycling. Livability, walkability, bikeability and transit, as well as the importance of a vibrant and diverse public realm, will also be studied.

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ARCH 357 - Arch, Sustainability
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