ACCT 3405 - Professional Development at University of North Texas


3405. Professional Development. 1 hour. Enables students to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to function effectively and succeed in the business world. Topics covered include how to dress for success, confidence and motivation, self-assessment, handling conflict and stress, personal and business ethics, dining etiquette, resume writing, professional certification opportunities, job search and interviewing, and the necessity for continuous self-improvement. In addition to faculty instruction, topics are covered by using former students and other guest lecturers from business, industry and government to expose students to career enhancing opportunities and to provide valuable insights from first-hand experiences. Prerequisite(s) : ACCT 3120 (may be taken concurrently). This course may not be taken more than twice at UNT or at another college or university.

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ACCT 3405 - Professional Development
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