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Brent Sasley
Professor (2011)
Texas - Arlington (UTA)
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POLS 4371
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Cons: Brent Sasley
I highly recommend the Arabs and Muslims to never take Dr. Salsey since he is a fanatic Jew, radical Zionist, and pro-Israel. He will poorly grade your papers regardless how excellent they are just because you are Arab or Muslim and disagree with him. He hates the Arabs and Muslims and that is why all his reading material against Islam. Don't take it

Most of his explanations are full of inaccuracies. He intentionally affirms the stereotype, generalization, propaganda displayed in the American mainstream media that portrayed Muslims as terrorists and aggressive. He is maliciously & purposely jump to teach some fundamental principles of Islam without even realizing its terminology. Don’t take him

He is so racist with Arabs and Muslims who disagree and argue with him. No matter how respect and appreciation that Arab and Muslim students showed to him but he treated them inferiorly, with no compassion or understanding to the cultural differences. He is always insisting to mock Islam and the prophet Muhammad. Never take him because you will fail.

He is a fanatic Jewish professor who dedicates his academic life to serve the dream of criminal Zionist Movement to Judaize Jerusalem & destroy the Muslim noble sanctuary. He recruited himself to the Masonite Jewish lobby to spread his poisonous & filthy ideas in Academia. Sasley is contributing in the conspiracy against Islam but he will never win

Professor rated by: Student on December 17, 2017
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