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Renee Becker
Professor (2009 – 2010)
Valencia Comm College (VCC)
CHM: Chemistry
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CHM 1045C
CHM 2210C
CHM 2211C


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CHM 2210C
Organic Chemistry I
Pros: Great teacher

Powerpoints available online

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Cons: Difficult labs
Professor Becker is the best chemistry teacher, I've had her since chm I. Her teaching is straight forward and she gives tons of examples and quizes you on things you've already went over. Everything on her tests is in the notes and went over in class. The labs are hard, but she will answer any questions you have. There is one project and it's a simple partner presentation done during lab at the end of the semester. Her finals are cumulatives of previous tests and she usually curves the grades depending on the class.
Professor rated by: ZOO: Zoology Student on December 7, 2010
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CHM 1045C
Gen Chem with Qual Analysis I
Pros: easily accessible

nice if you want to work
Cons: very fast pace

harsh at first
looks like a hard and mean professor at first but gets nicer if you are a student willing to work.
Professor rated by: Biology Student on December 11, 2010
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