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Thomas Hansen
Professor (2011 – 2015)
Virginia Tech (VT)
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ACIS 4114
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ACIS 4114
Advanced Financial Accounting
Pros: Easier than intermediate

Great teacher, good at explaining

Very consistent in tests, no surprises

Does many example problems

Has a sense of humor

Very helpful during office hours

Extremely nice and approachable
Cons: Messy handwriting on the board, but still legible

A lot of information to learn

Prof. Hansen is awesome! The material can get boring (it's consolidations for a semester), but he communicates the information well and doesn't move too fast, giving you time to learn and digest it. He gives (not-required) homework problems for every chapter and goes over them in class. I would do the problems at least before each exam.

He teaches mostly from the powerpoints, so reading the book is not required, but good if you don't understand something.

He has an accountant's sense of humor which is a nice change of pace for a financial accounting course. He also takes the time to learn everyone's name, even if you've never had a conversation with him.


Professor rated by: Finance, Insurance, and Business Student on December 14, 2014
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ACIS 4114
Advanced Financial Accounting
Pros: -Very nice professor

-Goes over homework questions assigned, which are extremely helpful for the 3 exams

- Very willing to help students out during office hours
Cons: - Slightly messy handwriting on the blackboard

- Projects are kind of time-consuming
Dr. Hansen is a great professor! I definitely recommend taking him for Advanced Accounting.

Advanced accounting is a challenging class that covers consolidations and accounting for complex financial instruments. But Dr. Hansen helps students understand the material by going over the power point and assigned problems at a reasonable pace. If you have questions, definitely go to his office hours. He is willing to help you out.

Since this is a 4000 level class, make sure you keep up with the reading and the assigned problems. Try not to cram all the material one week before exams.

Professor rated by: Accounting & Information Systems Student on January 25, 2016
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ACIS 4114
Advanced Financial Accounting
Pros: Hansen is a good professor. goes over the hw problems in class and if you study those problems that is what the tests are based of of
Professor rated by: Accounting & Information Systems Student on April 19, 2012
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