MATH 1205 - Calculus at Virginia Tech


Unified calculus course including techniques and applications of differentiation and integration of functions of a single variable. Limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, and transcendental functions. This sequence, together with 1114 and 1224, constitutes the first-year science and engineering mathematics courses. 1205 partially duplicates 1016 and 1525. 1206 partially duplicates 2015. Pre 1205: 2 units of high school algebra, 1 unit of geometry, 1/2 unit each of trigonometry and precalculus and placement by Math Dept.; or a grade of B or better in one of 1015, 1016, or 1536; or a passing grade on the Calculus Readiness Exam; Pre 1206: 1205. I, II, III

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MATH 1205 - Calculus
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