Why Use Koofers

A Social Learning Platform

At Koofers, our mission is to help students succeed throughout college. We believe that, by empowering students to help each other learn, we can fundamentally transform higher education. We provide students with the best information, tools and services available online. And we enable students to connect, collaborate and share academic knowledge with each other, including friends and colleagues at their own university and peers in equivalent courses at other colleges nationwide.

Free Access to Information

Students deserve more information about their college experience. And they deserve it all for free.

Koofers is committed to providing students with as much information as we can about their professors, their classes, their university and their local resources. With greater and more current information, students can make more informed decisions about their college experience. Simply put, greater access to information allows students to exercise more control over their academic careers.

Intercollegiate Student Collaboration

One of the greatest academic resources available to students is... other students.

However, even the most advanced universities rarely take advantage of the tremendous learning power that students can bring to one other. At Koofers, we aim to change that. Our platform enables students to help each other learn, by sharing knowledge and study materials and serving as a mutual resource for questions and answers, study groups, collaboration, etc.

Koofers enables this student collaboration to happen on an intercollegiate level. Our social learning platform enables students to collaborate nationwide with their peers at other universities who are taking equivalent courses and studying similar subjects.

Additional Academic Materials

In today's world, students should use the best materials on the web to enhance their learning. The textbook and materials provided by the professor should be only the beginning...

Koofers is aggregating and organizing some of the best content available on the web (videos, lectures, instructional materials, etc.) and making it easy and free to access so that students may further enhance their learning experience. We choose only materials that students actually use and enjoy - nothing stuffy or boring!

Mobile Learning

Learning happens everywhere. Not just in the classroom. And not just at a desk.

A 21st century learning experience must be available to students wherever and whenever they are. So, Koofers is building its social learning platform to be an entirely "on the go" experience. Most college students today already enjoy mobile access to everything they care about... mobile is where they "live"... and it's where Koofers and social learning live, too.

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